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No matter your business size, you are guaranteed the best service
We provide on site services for single & multiple locations
We’ll place your business on a platform set for growth
and our specialists will customize a solution that’s right for your business

What We Offer

You’ll receive the highest level of quality services inherent in all our deliverables, which include the expertise of our Network Team who provide Network Communications and Security services, Network Administration & Management, and Help Desk services for your servers, desktops and other networked devices.

Our programmers will design your web presence along with mobile applications for the Android and Apple platforms.

Our warehouse team will efficiently manage your inventory and fulfill your orders completely transparent to your customers.

Our mission, since day one, has been to provide quality services that are cost effective, which align with your business goals. We pride ourselves with being up to date with cutting edge technologies. Our wide breadth of successful projects only enhances the experience and knowledge we bring forth to you.

Our Core Services

Network Administration & Help Desk Support

Web Design & App Development

eCommerce & Product Fulfillment

Network Security & Fraud Prevention

Electronic Data Interchange


Our seminars are customized to focus on areas of interest to your business, here are some examples of previous seminars:

Network security & firewalls
Computer preventive maintenance
Fraud detection & prevention
Spyware & Malicious software detection
Basic site wiring & management
Backing Up & Restoring your data
Industry Best Practices
eCommerce & Warehouse management

Frequently Asked Questions


Our service professionals are comfortable serving small to enterprise class businesses. We see no difference between either one. However, we do recognize that every business is unique and therefor possess a unique set of questions that are geared towards that specific business or market segment. In those cases, we welcome all your questions and offer a free on site consultation in order to have an opportunity to answer them as you get to know us.

Feel free to contact us at (201) 989-6220 to schedule a FREE consultation visit with you.

Do you charge for your first consultation visit?
No, our first visit is FREE and is geared towards understanding your needs and explaining how we can help you solve specific issues or help attain your goals.
What kind of clients do you work with?
We have a wide array of clients that we serve. Clients that have a single or multiple office locations that need technical support and/or Help Desk services. We also provide clients with custom web site design and mobile app development. Finally, we provide clients with an eCommerce presence, warehouse space and fulfillment services.
Do you work with International clients?
Yes, we offer web site design, and an eCommerce presence in the North America, warehouse space & product fulfillment services.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we absolutely do. Please contact us at (201) 989-6220 for further details.
Your Help Desk services provided our end users with all the support they needed in order to do their daily work. It was easy to set up and the cost was just right! We can always count on your knowledgeable and professional network administrators to handle and maintain our servers and communication needs. A real pleasure to work with!
Dan T

The custom mobile apps that you developed met all of our expectations and work flawlessly, providing our sales team up to the minute information to fill our sales orders efficiently. Your ability to complete projects in a timely manner without cutting corners to quality has always been impressive.
Jeff F

Our warehouse cost and fulfillment process work better than we anticipated, curbing expenses and increasing our bottom line. You set up our eCommerce site and seamlessly integrated our site with your warehouse fulfillment center and inventory management system.

Vanessa G


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