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Why Active Cyber Shield?

The traditional firewall and anti-virus software on your devices are no longer an effective method to protection from a cyber-attack. Hackers have become far too advanced with their new methods of attack, this is why you need the Active Cyber Shield. Simply connect it to your router and it seamlessly protects all the devices on your network, not just your computers.

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The Active Cyber Shield
Compared To Other Solutions

Comparison Chart


ProtectionActive Cyber ShieldFirewallAntivirusStandard Router
Virus & Malware Blocker – Prevent infections from reaching your network
Spam, Phish & Ad Blocker – Stop spam, Phish and malicious Ads before they hits you
Web Cache – Save time and money by caching frequently accessed items
Web Filter – Premium web content filtering
SSL Inspector – Decrypt HTTPS and SMTP to allow other apps to process the datastream
IPsec VPN – Securely connect your network to othersLimited
Policy Manager – Create web usage restrictions, such as manager vs employee
Captive Portal – you can require users to view or accept an Acceptable Use Policy before accessing the internet (e.g. public WiFi)
Firewall – filter traffic based on IP address, protocol and port, which determines which devices are publicly availableLimited
All Devices – Protect your computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, copiers, printers, surveillance cameras and any other devices connected to your network
24 x 7 Monitoring and Automatic Updates
Real-Time Alerts and Hundreds of reports
Helps you comply with regulations including SOX, FINRA, GLB, and PCI DSS. Additional HIPAA and HITECH compliance with granular controls over who has access to what data.
Live Support – For easy resolution of any technical issues. Includes Configuration Backup!LimitedLimitedLimited
  • Your subscription covers you against any hardware failures. We’ll overnight you a replacement absolutely free.


Our Solution

The Active Cyber Shield plugs into your router and works as a security guard between all your devices and their Internet communications. Our robust security engine, utilizes BitDefender and other filters that constantly scan and block viruses, malware, SPAM and Phishing attempts on all inbound and outbound traffic to all your devices. You can even choose to receive real-time threat alerts to be sent to you. Our powerful web content filter will even protect you from going to malicious and harmful web sites. We centrally monitor and constantly update the Active Cyber Shield, so you always have the latest technology protecting your business.


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Our unique approach to protecting you against cyber-attacks is simple, and we believe that subscribing should be just as straightforward. You can customize a solution to fit your needs, then complete your subscription online. We’re standing by to help if you need assistance.