Cybersecurity at the L.E.A.D.s 2017 event on September 27th, 2017

We were very excited to sponsor and participate at the annual FirstService Residential L.E.A.D.s 2017 show in Asbury Park, New Jersey. We showcased the Active Cyber Shield, which was well received by a crowd of over 800 executives, senior management and property board directors from the North East region. We presented the attendees with information and cybersecurity solutions that would enhance the level of Internet security in their branch offices, but more important, extend a higher level of security to their customers as well, all with a cost effective solution. FirstService Residential provides full-service, professional association management services to thousands of properties and residential units across the United States and Canada.

Cybersecurity at the Newark Regional Business Partnership on August 2nd, 2017

We were very pleased to present and sponsor this cybersecurity event, which was hosted at Gibbons PC on behalf of the Newark Regional Business Partnership, which was designed to help business leaders understand key cyber risks in today’s environment and how to prepare, protect, and respond. In today’s environment, companies are exposed to the mounting risks and costs associated with cybersecurity threats and breaches, increased business complexity, and the growing regulatory landscape. Any business operating online – which means all of us – can become a target of a cyberattack. Even with the ever-increasing news coverage of cyberattacks and the onset of educational programs focused on cyber risk, many companies still appear to be unprepared. Cybersecurity is no longer solely an IT issue and should be viewed as a pervasive business risk with significant negative impact on assets, revenues, and profitability, as well as company reputation and ability to retain core talent.