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Creating positive customer experiences is our main goal with our Digital Signage Advertisement Services. Each plan below has been designed to help business owners effectively advertise and showcase their products and services at a cost that makes sense.

Why advertise with us?

Bring digital display advertising into your ad strategy seamlessly, with Digital Signage by EZ TECH ASSIST. We have the knowledge and experience to help your business stand out using our Media Ads Services, a most comprehensive and automated digital media platform. Whether utilizing our tech or services, you’re leveraging the power of a proven platform. Partner with us to gain the competitive edge you need today!

Reach your audience

We put a display ad in front of the right audience by targeting placement, interest, context or topics in real-time, making ads more relevant to audiences.

Video & image ads

Video ads present you with a cost-effective alternative to traditional TV. Video advertising has the power to teach and engage an audience about your business.

Call to action

We’ll assist you in putting together an advertising campaign that will encourage  potential customers to connect with your business.

Showcase your business

Use your ads to showcase the unique benefits of your goods. It’s also essential for your team to convey these advantages in a way that resonates with your market.

Ad blockers

You never have to worry about your ad being blocked, because it is being displayed to an audience that has opted-in to viewing your ads.

Our digital design team

While you may pay more upfront for professional assistance, custom creatives can help the long-term performance of your ad. They show your business’s products and services, which may increase consumer confidence and trust.

Intelligent advertising

Our intelligent cloud based system delivers content to the specific geographic area that is most appealing for your business. Ads are targeted for your specific audience throughout your purchase plan, 24 hours a day, non-stop. We also limit the amount of ads that are displayed in any given location, to ensure a healthy amount of impressions.


Before purchasing any plan, we encourage you to read the following FAQs. If they do not provide you with all the answers, you may submit a support ticket and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. We look forward to being of service.

Do you provide assistance with my ad campaign?

Yes, but that all depends on how much assistance you want. We can offer you assistance from simple ad improvement advice to having our professional creative team put together your complete ad campaign.

Are there any set up or hidden costs?

There are no set up or hidden costs. We have been able to put together services at a cost savings that we are able to pass on to you. Very simply put, you provide your ad and we’ll do the rest.

Is there an approval process for my ad?

Yes, all ads are carefully reviewed before they are approved and launched in our system. This is designed to protect the audience and to assure you, the business owner that everything in your ad is as intended. This process may take up to several days, depending on the complexity of the digital media.

Can I purchase multiple plans?

Yes, you can purchase multiple of the same plan or a combination of plans. This is ideal if you wanted to run several ads, either for the same time periods or specific time-frames of the year, such as holidays and other events.

How much do creative services cost?

That is determined on a case-by-case basis. Every business owner may have different needs, ranging from very basic like a copywriter for content, or photographer for visuals. We will provide a quote for each specific scenario.

Can I choose a start date for my advertisement?

Yes, with an exception. We keep a limited number of advertisements in a 24 hour rotation cycle. This is designed to ensure the audience is more receptive, so the date that you initially want may not be available. We work on a first-come first-serve basis.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel at any time. However, a full refund is offered only when cancellation is requested before an ad goes live. Unfortunately, after an ad goes live and is cancelled, we remove the ad from circulation, but there is no refund.

Can I update my ad after it goes live?

Yes, you can update your ad as many times as you would like. Remeber, every time an ad is submitted, it has to go through a review and vetting process before it may go live.

Are plans interchangeable?

Our plans are designs to perform a service for a limited time-frame and are not interchangeable. Example, if you purchased the Basic plan and decided you wanted to change to the Business plan, you will need to wait for the Basic plan to finish before you would take advantage of the Business plan.

What type of content can I use in my advertisement?

We encourage any content that captures the essence of your business, products and services and engages the audience in a meaningful manner.    

How do I measure success of my ad?

 The success of your advertisement will depend on what “Call to Action” you included for the audience. We’ll make sure that your advertisement is interactive and provides a means for the individual in the audience to easily engage with your business’ product and services in a way that is welcoming and simple to navigate for the consumer.

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