Advertisement Application

Advertisement Application

This application is limited to the digital signage system at the Harmon Cove Towers, located at 98 Harmon Cove Towers, Secaucus, NJ 07094

Bring digital display advertising into your ad strategy seamlessly, with Digital Signage by EZ TECH ASSIST. We have the knowledge and experience to help your business stand out using our Media Ads Services, a most comprehensive and automated digital media platform. Whether utilizing our tech or services, you’re leveraging the power of a proven platform. Partner with us to gain the competitive edge you need today! We put a display ad in front of the right audience by targeting placement, interest, context or topics in real-time, making ads more relevant to audiences. Use your ads to showcase the unique benefits of your goods. It’s also essential for your team to convey these advantages in a way that resonates with your market.

Simply fill out the application and one of our sales associates will reach out to you. We also have a creative team, should you need help with the creation of your digital ad.

Your ad is guaranteed to appear multiple times per hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on multiple TVs strategically located throughout the property.

Initial account set up fee = $45.00

Please select a Plan for your ad below. You are not being billed or charged at this time, we simply want to understand your interests, so we can better assist you with your advertising goals.

All ads are carefully reviewed before they are approved and launched in our system. This is designed to protect the audience and to assure you, the business owner that everything in your ad is as intended. This process may take up to several days, depending on the complexity of the digital media. You can update your ad as many times as you would like. Remember, every time an ad is submitted, it has to go through a review and vetting process before it may go live. We encourage any content that captures the essence of your business, products and services that engages the audience in a meaningful manner. 

Please note that there is no payment due now and you are not obligated to purchase anything.