Here are some steps that you can implement in your organization to help prevent a ransomware attack from taking down your network and operations:

Employee training – Educating your employees about threats can make all the difference. If an email looks like spam, don’t click on it. If you receive an attachment from an unknown sender, don’t open it. These are some basic security tips you can pass on to all employees. Remember – If it looks suspicious, it probably is.

Backups – Keep regular backups, make sure they are encrypted and check they are working properly. Maintain a 3-2-1 strategy with 3 copies: 2 stored locally and 1 stored offsite.

Don’t pay the ransom – Paying the ransom won’t guarantee you receive the correct files. It also gives the hackers more opportunity to compromise your systems further and ask for more money.

Update software – Keep your software updated with the latest security patches. Hackers will often exploit outdated security loopholes (that have been patched in later versions) to gain access to your systems.

Gateway protection – Block spam, ads, viruses and phishing attempts with the Active Cyber Shield solution. Prevent your click-happy employees from even seeing the phishing and spam emails or malware-laden ads.

Ransomware is not going away anytime soon. It is an evolving attack scheme that cybercriminals are pouncing on to gain a quick buck. The Active Cyber Shield Firewall solution can stop hackers from gaining access to your devices at the gateway to the network, preventing ransomware from ever reaching your users. The Active Cyber Shield Firewall is an all-in-one security solution that provides enterprise-grade perimeter security in a way that is easy to use and install. Explore your options today to find out how The Active Cyber Shield can help keep your network secure.